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“Today, it seems like there are a hundred kids trying out for every team”

  • Just making the team is difficult
  • Getting significant playing time is hard
  • Breaking into the starting lineup seems almost impossible

“If you want to be competitive “it’s time to get serious”


 Since 1989, Bras1sports has provided advanced sports performance and sports movement training services for teens and pre-teens in the Baltimore and Columbia Maryland Suburban Areas.

 Bras1sports is the only choice if…


*** You need to your child to make significant and measurable progress in their technical mastery of sports movement patterns relative to their sport.

*** Feel your child has not made the type of progress you expected in their current sports performance or fitness training programs

*** You want comprehensive, advanced, cutting-edge sports speed and agility training programs

*** Don't want cookie cutter training programs from  franchises using in-experienced trainers


Sports Performance Training

We are a comprehensive training program. We start by analyzing the technical sports movement patterns of our athletes. We then begin to develop a detail training program to correct technical flaws identified by the analysis. We execute that program by teaching proper sprint mechanics and/or lateral speed and multi-directional movement techniques that support actual sports movement patterns. These techniques are reinforced through drills run at full speed. Feedback is immediate for each athlete on each drill.

This is why Bras1sports has limited class sizes. Our athletes learn faster and progress quicker because of the individual attention they receive from their coach.  Training sessions are either private or small group to allow a focus on training quality and integrity.

Not all athletes are accepted into athlete training programs. We only accept highly motivated athletes into the program. This not based on level of the athlete but is based on the whether the athlete wants to train to become better and is willing to put in the work.

The type of athlete accepted into training:

  • Highly Coachable
  • Hard Working
  • Respectful
  • Committed to Getting Better
  • Committed parents that want to provide their child with the best opportunity and tools to be successful in their chosen sport(s).

All of our programs are safe and age-appropriate, emphasizing proper movement techniques and efficiency.  Programs are 1 to 2 times per week for 4 to 12 weeks. 

About The Trainer

Coach Braswell has been training for over 25 yrs., and no longer trains a large number of athletes. He prefers working with a select  few who have a strong desire to get better. Coach does all of the training and chooses who he works with very carefully.

Most of Coach Braswell’s greatest success stories have been with athletes he’s worked with for years. Coach Braswell knows he can make anyone a better athlete, but believes it starts with the athlete. He feels…

“They can’t be afraid to entertain a dream. If an athlete doesn’t have the desire and the willingness to do the work it takes to achieve success at their chosen sport, it becomes a waste of everyone’s time.”

Coach really isn’t interested in doing a few training sessions here and there with an athlete. He is interested in building long term relationships with his athletes and their families. “It’s a group effort to raise a successful athlete”.

Coach Braswell has been a strength and conditioning coach since 1989.

  •  Served as Head Strength Coach for Catholic University's football program in Washington, DC 
  • Strength Coach for Goucher College Women’s Lacrosse Team in Towson, MD
  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA
  •  Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Virginia Travel Lacrosse Program in Alexandria, VA
  •   Head Conditioning Coach for the Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, DC



































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