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Advanced Sports Performance Training for Young Athletes


Advanced Sports Performance Training for Young Athletes




























As Parents, we all want to give our kids the best opportunity to succeed.

And every parent knows..

** Their child wants and deserves to feel that they're essential to the team winning

** Parents feel proud watching their kid become a standout player for their team

 ** Parents go to see "their" kids  play.

"Although there are several Speed /Agility Training classes available..."

Bras1sports is the only choice if...

** You have an athlete moving up to the next level of their sport or trying to break into the existing starting lineup.


** You desire a comprehensive individually designed training program that analyzes, identifies and corrects technical flaws identified through game film and movement analysis of your athlete’s movement patterns

 *** Program training is private or semi-private (2 to 3 athletes).   Only a total of 6 athletes training in the program at any given time.


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