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"As Sports Parents, all we want is to provide our kids with the best possible opportunity to excel at their chosen sports."

When are Individualized Speed and Agilty Training Sessions Appropriate?

 Eventually, the average athlete will progress to the point where they acquire the basic fundamental skills needed to play their sport. It's when an athlete decides he/she wants to compete at the higher levels of that sport, that possessing only the basic fundamental skills of the sport become inadequate and insufficient to compete at a higher level.

Individualized speed and agility training is appropriate when an athlete’s unique athletic needs must be identified, corrected and developed in order to make measurable progress. A program specifically designed to improve the athlete’s speed, agility or sports movement skill addresses intangibles, which when perfected can lead to great gains in performance.

Sports Movement Analysis

Bras1sports specializes in working privately with talented young athletes transitioning from their current level of sports competition to the next level.

Bras1sports is the only choice if your talented young athlete....

 ** Has an important "Try Out" or "Recuiting Showcase" coming up and needs to work on improving their Sprint Time.

** Is moving to a higher level of competition in their sport and needs to improve their their speed to be more competitive.

** Has a real opportunity to break into the starting line up, but needs to show measurable progress in their speed and agility.

 *** All Training Sessions are Private ***

  All Athletes are personally trained by Coach Braswell



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